We met in February 2004. In July of that year we had our first holiday together: Kenya and the Seychelles… A dream of a trip. And, at the same time, the start of our new dream: to travel and live in Africa. Over a period of six months time we went back to East Africa twice. During the last trip a chance conversation with Jörgen from Namibia brought the dream to life. He told us of his own trip from Cairo to the Cape. We simply substituted Zandvoort for Cairo and hey, presto, we had our very own adventure!

A wonderful prospect: no clocks, no calendars, no timetables and no schedules. Live how and where you wish. But first: Preparations, a farewell party - the Western Way.
  Route and countries

Of course we spent lots of time on research: Climate, best time to be wherever we would be, etc. As it is hardly possible over a lengthy trip like this to always pick the best season, there'll be rain and there'll be heat. And we'll have to keep ourselves informed as to political developments ( travel advisories, Sony World Receiver ). What seems a stable country today may erupt in violence a month from now. In other words, our itinerary will needs be flexible. At the time of writing, Australia issued a travelers' advisory against all travel to Burundi, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Somalia and Togo and an advisory against non-essential travel to Algeria, Angola, the Central African Republic, Sudan and Yemen.

Some sources of travel advisories:

www.ambassadepagina.nl (Dutch Ministry of foreign affairs)

  www.smartraveller.gov.au (Australian Ministry of foreign affairs )


  Maps and GPS- receiver .
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