Of the two of us, Peter is the more practical one. He is businesslike, analytical and takes an overall view.

  He thinks things through in detail and makes decisions only after careful consideration. Born in France,
  he spent his teens in the Netherlands, then worked in Nairobi, Chicago, London and Amsterdam,
  traveling widely all the time.
  Keywords for Peter: Options/banking trade, travel, racing and a soft spot for Africa.
  Manon is slightly less practical and much more intuitive. Born in the Netherlands, with an Indonesian

background, she spent most of her early years in Indonesia, with summer holidays in Chicago when a

  teenage girl. Then she worked in South Africa for quite some time. Now she is a full-time actor .
Keywords for Manon: Theater, dancing, traveling and a soft spot for Africa.
  Peter and Manon are quite complementary (they'll find out to what extent during this adventure).  
  He, the sober businessman and she, the dreamy actress always looking for the why and wherefore

everywhere. If the truth be told, Manon did study economics and worked for a while as a trader on the    

  Chicago options exchange. But the theater won out. And as the truth will out: Peter does love dancing.  

So why this journey (for those who may be interested )?